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Since the 1998 vintage, grapes from the two vineyards have won more than 40 national and international medals, including nine golds, and two trophies – the 1997 National Wine Show of Australia and the 1998 Air New Zealand Wine Awards.

Awards by:

Bob Campbell

2017 Platinum Chardonnay
2018 Reserve Chardonnay
2018 Estate Chardonnay

Featured Review:

TW Chardonnay Viognier

Reviewed by: Mac Macpherson / Advintage.

TW Chardonnay Viognier is my new favourite summer wine. It’s simple. It’s delicious. I just grabbed two cases for home.

I like good simple wines. I always have. In a former life I used to go to Sydney every couple of weeks, and I fell in love with the cheap Chardonnay Semillons and Semillon Sauvignons we would drink in the waterfront restaurants there. They were simple wines for drinking. They went perfectly with grilled fish or oysters. And the seafood and wine both tasted better together than they tasted on their own.

Fast forward 15 years and Tietjen Witters Chardonnay Viognier is now firmly set as my summer quaffer of choice. I’m not usually a fan of unoaked Chardonnay – but the Viognier component (30%) adds silken viscosity and palate weight and a tangy apricot character that sits well with the peachiness of the Chardonnay.

It’s quirky – and this would definitely be a hard blend to pick in a blind tasting. It doesn’t really taste like Chardonnay. And it doesn’t really taste like Viognier. But who cares.

It’s not too serious. But I think it’s seriously good.